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Ms. Testa's
Owasco Elementary

phone: 255-2726

Welcome to Kindergarten!  

Kindergarten is a year filled with learning and fun!  Great focus is spent on the beginning stages of reading, writing, learning math!  Students and their parents are encouraged to make reading at home a daily practice.  Homework is given weekly, and reading at home is part of that work.  We teachers cannot do it alone!  Students are encouraged to read with siblings, family members, and pets!        As we read together in the classroom, students will identify that
                        words are everywhere!  We will explore and their sounds and
                        how they work together to form words.  Play with language,
                        creating nonsense words and silly words are some of the ways
                        that we prepare for reading.  Students must practice their sight
                        words as they set out on this reading adventure.  Superkids is a new literacy
                        program that is used in kindergarten through second grade.
                        (for more information on Superkids, please log on to:             Various materials are used in the kindergarten classroom as
                        students enter the world of numbers.  Simpleaddition and
                        subtraction problems will be explored.   Ten-frames are a vital
                         piece of understanding numbers as students move forward in
                        their math understanding.  My Math is used as a tool to guide learning.
                        (for more information on MyMath, please log on to:

Please know that the most important thing is that your child will have fun learning and I will take good care of them!  Remember to check your child's daily folder to stay informed about your child and any upcoming events.

Feel free to contact me regarding any questions or concerns regarding your student.  The best time to contact me at school is 7:45 - 8:15 and 3:15 - 4:00 p.m.

Daily Schedule

*Student drop-off between 8:30-8:45

Morning Work
Community Meeting
Recess (cont'd)
Phone Awareness
Specials (ELA/Math/P.E.)
1:40 (rotating)
Closing Meeting

Specials:   A-Day    Art
                         B-Day    P.E.     
                  C-Day  Music
                    D-Day P.E.

*Please remember to send your child in with sneakers and appropriate
clothing to participate during P.E. class.  Thank you!

While we try to teach our children all about life, 
Our children teach us what life is all about. 
-Angela Schwindt


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