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Area All-State Music Festival
Every year freshmen, sophomore and junior high school students from all over New York work tirelessly to prepare solos for the NYSSMA festival, a weekend-long event allowing student musicians to perform a piece for a professional judge and receive feedback and be scored. Should they prepare a piece of a certain level of difficulty, the student's scores are entered for consideration to be invited to the New York All-State and Area All-State Music Festivals. Only students who perform their pieces near-perfectly are allowed a chance to participate in this festival. Once invited, the students are given the festival music, two or three pieces which they are to prepare on their own time, with the help of their orchestra, chorus or band teachers. After weeks of vigorous preparation, the students get on a bus, this year to Cortland or Ithaca, respectively, and undergo two days of intense, non-stop rehearsal with a selection of the best student musicians in the Central NY region. Rehearsals culminate with a concert on Saturday for the the students to showcase to their families, friends and educators their hard work and dedication. This year, Auburn High School was lucky enough to send multiple students from the orchestra, chorus and band to Area All-State, and couldn't be prouder of these student's talent and drive to succeed. 

By Rachel Bergan
Orchestra Club Secretary

Students in the attached picture are:

Gio Pettigrass
Mary Riordan

Emily Antonacci (not pictured)
Olivia Avery
Ted Brill
Andrew Cartwright
Rachel Howard
Jenna Machold
Stephen Murray
Jenna Nila (not pictured)
Mikayla Purcell-Bolha

Ian Chisholm (not pictured)
Jeremiah Czyz
Chris Holmes
Lydia Marteney
Sheelan Mirza
Liam Sanders (not pictured)
Meghan Smith